Creating and managing online payment options

Setting up online payment options is a fast and user-friendly way to collect payments from residents. The online payment feature provides one central place where administrators can create and manage online payment options and view detailed information for each.

Before getting started, please review these articles for requirements, information on transaction fees and other facts about our online payment feature:  About Online Payments and About Online Payment Fees,

Getting Started

The first step to getting started is to complete a quick setup process from the "Online Payments" section of the Admin Control Panel. Click the "Set up online payments" button (shown below). This process involves linking your community's bank account so once online payment options are created and funds are received from residents, the funds can be automatically transferred to your community's account. 


Creating Online Payment Options

Once you've completed the initial set up, the online payment screen will display the following tabs: 
Image%202017-11-02%20at%202.12.34%20PM.pngTo create an online payment option, click the "Create payment option" button. This is where you'll create the payment option that you will send out for your residents to pay. 


Email Notification

If you'd like residents to be notified when a new online payment option is available, be sure to select "All registered residents" from the "Email announcement" section right above the "Create" button. This will trigger an email notification advising residents that a new online payment option is available on their account. 

Where to submit payment

Once logged in, all residents will see a notification appear in the top right-hand corner under the bell icon, as shown below. When this link is selected, they will be directed to a screen where they will be able to view and submit payment for all active online payment options. 


Online Payment History

Once residents have submitted payment, in the same drop-down menu as before, they'll now see a link called "Online payment history."When this is selected, the resident will be directed to a screen displaying the history and details of all payments submitted.



There are three balances you will see in the "online payments" section. Note: This will appear once you've completed the initial set up discussed in the "Getting Started" section of this article. Here's an example of what it will look like once funds have been:

  • Collected: As residents submit payment, this section calculates the total funds collected across all online payment options.
  • Pending Balance: Funds that have been received from residents but not yet transferred to your community's linked bank account (funds waiting to clear) will show here.
  • Available balances: Funds that have cleared and are ready to get transferred to your community's link bank account will show here. Funds automatically get transferred/deposited to your community's linked bank account once a week. For more information on how this works, please review this article that goes into a bit more detail: About balances and bank transfers.

Managing Online Payment Options

All payment options that have been created can be managed right from the "Online Payments" section. You have a choice to activate/deactivate payment options, review the details of each payment option (who has submitted payment, in what amount, etc.), edit payment options, and delete payment options.  Note: You may only delete a payment option if a payment has not been received on it. Here's an example of what your "Online Payments" screen will look like:


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