About surveys

Creating a survey is a great way to gather beneficial feedback from your community. You can learn a lot by simply asking. Outlined below are step-by-step instructions on how to create a survey along with information about surveys including who can see them, how the survey is accessed and more. So, let's get started!

Step-by-step guide on how to create a survey:

1. From the Admin Control Panel, select the "Surveys" section.

2. Click the "+ Create survey" button.

3. Begin filling out the details. Start by adding a name for your survey and continue by adding your questions. You can add as many questions as you'd like and may toggle between giving residents the option of entering a "Free response" or selecting only preset choices that you have created. 

4. To add another question to your survey, simply select the "+ Add question" button above the blue "Create" button. Note: Once your survey has been created, there is no option to edit any aspects of the survey. 

5. Give the details a once over and when ready, click "Create".

Notice above, there are two additional options:

  1. Click the "Remove question" button to remove a question you no longer wish to include.
  2. Click the "+Add answer choice" if you'd like to add another option to your list of preset choices. 

Once your survey has been created, you'll see it listed from the survey section. All newly created surveys are automatically placed in an "active" status and accessible to all residents. To mark a survey as inactive, click the icon found in the "Active" column. That will place your survey in an inactive status. Click this icon again to make it active once again.

About Surveys

Where the survey can be found and who can access it: All active surveys are available to everyone registered with an account to your community website. This means that everyone listed in your "Residents" section of the Admin Control Panel will be able to see the surveys you create. All new active surveys will also be included in the "What's Happening" email that gets sent out weekly or monthly. 

It's important to note, aside from the monthly/weekly "What's Happening" email, a separate email does not get sent to residents. Instead, each resident will see a notification appear in the top right-hand corner of their screen when logged in (as shown below). This notification will alert them of all active surveys available for them to take. Tip: If you'd like to alert your residents of a new survey you have created, you can do so by sending a blast email.

Removing a survey: As the administrator, if you'd like to delete a survey, simply return to the survey section in the Admin Control Panel and click the "Delete" button next to the survey you wish to discard. Anytime a survey is marked inactive or is deleted, it will automatically disappear from the alert section for all registered residents. 

Viewing the results of a survey: As residents respond to your survey, the details of those responses can be found from the "Survey" section in the Admin Control Panel and by clicking the blue icon next to each survey in the "results" column.

Display Survey Results on a page:  Create a "Survey" page to display the results of a specific survey. You can restrict the page so that the results can be viewed by the entire community, specific groups, classifications, or residents. To display the results of several surveys, add multiple survey pages to display the results of each survey you have created.

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