Adding videos to pages

Videos need special technology to play them back online, so we recommend uploading them to a free service, like YouTube, to host and play videos. However, you do have the option of either adding a link that will redirect your visitors to a separate website where the video can be played, or embedding a video player from another website within the page text to play directly from your website. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to do both. 

Adding a Link to the text of a page

1. Copy the URL of the website where the video can be played. 
2. Visit the page on your community website where you would like to add the copied URL to.
3. Click the blue "Edit text" button. 

 4. Click the "link" icon.
862aebf1a3126c53644380c95c886346.png5. In the "URL" field, paste the URL that you copied from the source of the video. 
6. In the "Text to display" field, enter the text you would like to display to tell visitors what the video is for.
7. If, when clicked, you would like the video to open in the same window as your community website, select "None" from the "Target" drop-down.  If, when clicked, you would like the video to open in a separate window/tab, select "New window" from the drop-down. 

8. Click "Ok." Finish entering the rest of the text (if applicable) and click "Save" when finished.

Embedding a YouTube video to play directly on your community website

Please note, the embed code given isn’t “responsive,” meaning it has a fixed width. This means that unlike the other content posted to your website, an embedded video will not resize to fit the screen when viewing from a mobile device. However, adding an external link (following the instructions above) instead of embedding will direct residents to the video posted to a video sharing website (i.e. Youtube). This will allow residents to view the video directly on that website which will automatically resize to fit the mobile device that it is being viewed on.

1. Go to the source/website of the video you would like to embed. Please be sure you are on the page where the video is playing.

2. Click "Share." 
1176a8a5bd5b8103f09a29f1bae2bd5a.png3. From here, select "EMBED."
80adc289d90f8c6a8d94e38337569dd8.png4. There are several options you can choose from in the "EMBED OPTIONS" menu. After you've selected your preferences, click "COPY."

33c4b40da518bea7ac86571c9a32bfbe.png5. Visit the page on your community website where you would like to add the link to your video to.
6. Select the blue "Edit text" button. 

7. Under the "Insert" drop-down menu, select "Media."

8. In here, in the "Embed" tab, paste the embed code you copied in Step 4 and click "Ok."

9. You should now see your video in the "Edit page text" box. Once you have it formatted the way you would like, click "Save." The video should now be accessible from the page you've added it to.

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