Creating a Contact Page

Creating a contact form page gives your residents the freedom to send a message to a pre-defined list of individuals or groups.  The recipients of the messages are pre-set by the admin(s) on the account.

To get started, first determine who you want the form to be sent to.  If it's a group of people, such as board members, be sure to setup the group first by visiting the "group" setting in your dashboard.  More on how to create a group can be found here: Creating a group.  Next, get started on creating your contact form page by following this step-by-step guide.

Step-by-step guide:

1. Visit the "Pages" section of your dashboard. 

2. Click "Add new page".  

3. Enter the title of the page (i.e. Contact the Board). Note: This title will display on the homepage.

4. Select the "Contact Form" page type from the list of pages.

5. Before clicking "Add", you have the option of placing this page inside of an existing folder by choosing from the drop-down located directly above the "Add" button. When ready, click "Add".

6. Click the blue "Manage recipients" button.

7. Click "+Add a recipient".

8a9d56f0363ffec9e48521750e8a8932.png8. Choose Group, Resident or Email from the options listed in the first drop-down. 

9. In the second drop-down, choose which group or specific resident you would like the message to get sent to.  If the email option was selected from the first drop-down, a field will appear instead of a drop-down. In the field, enter the specific email address that you would like the message to get sent to.

10. In the "Title/ matters handled" field, enter text that will represent the recipients of the message.  This title will be displayed for the residents to show who they are sending their message to. In this example, the title "Board Members" has been entered. 


11. Click Save. After saving, you'll see the contact form appear.

12. To add a message that will display above the "Your  name " field, click the blue "Edit text" button next to the "Manage recipients" button.
b4ac03f29bfccffe528aa2710c05ac41.png13. A separate window will appear where you may enter the text.  When finished, click "Save".


14. Your text will now appear on the form as shown below.

The name displayed in the field titled "Your name" at the top of the form will automatically populate with the name(s) listed on the account of the person logged in. Residents will enter their email address, phone number and a message. 

In the "Choose recipient(s)" section located right above the "Send" button, is the pre-defined list of recipients. Notice, next to the check box is the title that was entered in step 10. By adding pre-determined recipients as shown in the steps above, residents can only send their message to those you have designated.  

Watch it play-by-play

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