Uploading and managing documents

The "Documents" page type is great for uploading meeting minutes, PDF forms, newsletters, and so much more to your website. You can easily upload new documents, and edit ones already uploaded with the admin buttons found in the light blue box. Here's how to do this:

Uploading documents

1. On your documents page, click on "Upload new documents"

2. Next, select Choose file(s)" and add as many documents as you would like. You can import multiple documents at once by selecting one, holding down the shift key, and selecting the others. 

3. Click "Upload." This will import each of the files selected into the page.

Editing and removing current documents

You can easily manage the documents on your page by using the "Edit/remove current documents" button in the light blue box.

To delete click the red "X" on the right-hand side. You can delete as many documents at one time as you like.

To sort the order of the documents, drag the arrow in the "Order" column to the placement you would like that document to be in.

When finished, click "Save!"

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