Why we notify residents upon importing information

When an administrator chooses to import residents into their website, we automatically create a fully-functional account for those residents. By nature, these accounts include personal information, like names, contact information, addresses, etc.

We also offer many tools that allow residents to interact with one another and get to know their community, like the resident directory feature. Because of this, it's likely that registered residents are able to see certain information from other residents' accounts. This is great because it helps build a stronger community.

However, we care deeply about privacy and take many measures to protect it. We realize that importing residents into a website automatically creates an account for them without them voluntarily signing up for the account themselves. If they were to not know about this new account, they could be completely unaware that their personal information was now available to other residents online.

Luckily, we offer detailed control over privacy preferences so that each resident can tailor their settings appropriately. In order for residents to use this, though, they need to know that these settings are available and that their account exists in the first place. It's for these reasons that we automatically notify newly imported residents that an account has been created for them.

We understand that there are certain situations that may initially seem best to skip notifying residents, but in the interest of protecting residents' privacy, it's not possible to bypass this functionality for any situation.

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