Text message credits

We're committed to providing as many features as possible included free in the deluxe plan. Relatively speaking, text messages incur far greater costs than emails, so we place limits on how many each community can send, but we never charge extra for the service. Because the costs vary significantly from country to country, we use a "credits" system to limit how many messages can be sent. Here's how it works:

We allow each community to use a certain number of credits each month. These renew every month, but unused credits do not rollover from month-to-month. When a blast text message is sent, each text that's delivered uses a certain number of credits based on which country the phone number is from. Different countries' phone numbers require a different amount of credits. For the latest information, see  www.hoa-express.com/text-message-credits.

If a blast text message is going to require more credits than you have remaining, we'll present an error message and stop that message from being sent.

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