About address autocomplete, verification, and correction

Our service offers built-in address autocomplete, address verification, and address correction features, free of charge. Learn more about each:

Address autocomplete

When a resident begins typing their address, a list of suggestions from Google will display. If they click on one, their city, state, and zip code (if applicable) will automatically be filled out.

Address verification

When a resident or an admin attempts to save an address, it'll be verified against the latest address data to ensure it's a valid address. Invalid addresses will be rejected. You can disable this option in the "Settings" section of the Admin Control Panel.

Address correction

Addresses that contain small typos or minor differences will be automatically corrected. For instance, an address that looks like "1234 Mapl Leaf Road" might be corrected to "1234 Mapl e Leaf Rd" automatically. You can disable this option in the settings section of the Admin Control Panel. 

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