About What's Happening emails

One of our most popular features is our signature What's Happening email. This email is sent weekly or monthly and includes a summary of notable new content and highlights upcoming events. It's a great way to keep residents informed about changes without overloading their inbox.

Frequency choice

For resident accounts, both the account holder and the spouse have four different choices for the What's Happening email—recommended, weekly, monthly, or never. By default, the recommended choice is used for all residents. However, the choice can be updated at any time via the resident's contact preferences. You can learn more about how to update this in this help article.

The recommended setting is determined by the website administrator, in the settings section of the Admin Control Panel. There are three choices—weekly, monthly, or never.

Content selection

The What's Happening email generates a unique email for every single resident account. It takes into account page restrictions, resident privileges, etc., when forming each email. This way, a resident is only ever notified about the content they have permission to view. Below you'll find a list of all content that's included in the What's Happening email, in order:

  1. Upcoming events between now and when the next email will be generated.
  2. Forum topics and comments that have been posted since the last email.
  3. News articles published since the last email.
  4. Documents uploaded since the last email.
  5. Classified ads posted since the last email.
  6. Recipes posted since the last email.
  7. Photo gallery photos uploaded since the last email.
  8. Surveys that have been created since the last email.
  9. Online dues that have been created since the last email.

Other notes

If no new content or upcoming events have been found, then no email will be delivered. This means that some of your residents may receive What's Happening emails, while some may not, if only some of your residents can see certain new content.

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