What are pages?

Pages are central to your website, as that's where nearly all website content is stored. Each page has a unique type, like documents, text, photo gallery, calendar, and more. There are over 20 different page types that each serve a particular purpose. When building a website, the biggest and most important part of the process is choosing which pages you're going to add to your website, adding and naming them, and then filling them with content. We'll go over each step below.

Choosing pages

This part isn't too difficult, but may require a bit of planning. To get an idea of what pages you'd like to add to your website, it may help to first see which page types are available. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Admin Control Panel for your community
  2. Click the "Pages" to go to the pages section
  3. Click the white "Add new page" button

This page lists out all the available types. Some of our most popular page types include the calendar, board members, documents, committees, photo gallery, and news articles page types. There's certainly no need to add every type of page, and you can always add more later. It may be good to start with a small set of 5-10 pages that display the most important content for your residents.

Adding and naming pages

Using the same steps as above, navigate to the page in the Admin Control Panel that lets you create a new page. Add one page at a time to your website, each time returning to the Admin Control Panel to add the next. When naming each page, choose short and descriptive names. Avoid using your community's name or acronym in the page name, and avoid numbering the pages (in case you reorganize them later). You can always rename a page later, though.

Filling pages with content

Now here comes the fun part, adding useful content to each new page! The process for doing so varies by type, but you'll always want to look for the blue buttons on each page that symbolize administrative functions. For instance, here are those blue buttons from a documents page type:

save image

Adding files like meeting minutes and financials is as easy as clicking the blue "Upload new documents" button, selecting the files you want to upload, and clicking "Upload." Other page types are similarly easy! For calendar pages you'll want to add events, for photo galleries you'll want to upload photos, etc. Our interface makes the process very intuitive. Keep going until there are no empty pages left.

Here's an example of how your sidebar should look once you've started adding more pages to your website:

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