Syncing email with OS X El Capitan (10.11)

Follow these instructions to sync your HOA Express email account with Apple's Mail app on OS X El Capitan.

1. Open Apple's Mail app and begin the click the "Add Account..." menu option

2. Choose "Other Mail Account..." and continue

3. Enter your account details and click "Sign In"

4. Fill out the additional settings as seen below, making sure the "User Name" is filled out; then, click the "Sign In" button

5. Wait for the following screen to finish loading

6. If you receive the following error message, simply click "Next"

7. Uncheck "Notes" and click "Done"

8. Open the preferences

9. Click the "Accounts" tab

10. Select your new email account in the list

11. Ensure you're on the "Account Information" tab

12. Find the SMTP dropdown and select "Edit SMTP Server List..."

13. Edit the "Advanced" information for the SMTP server to match the following... Then click "OK"

14. Now move to the "Advanced" tab

15. Update the settings to match the following...

16. Be sure to save the changes

And that's it! If your email account does not sync immediately, you may need to wait a few hours and try again, as sometimes Apple's Mail client and our servers take a while to sync.

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