How feedback, change requests, and suggestions are handled

At HOA Express, we love customer feedback! In fact, many of our present-day features were originally suggested by customers. When you provide us with an idea via our support team, here's the process that ensues:

  1. The idea is pitched to the team.
  2. Our team considers the idea and determines it's feasibility, benefit, and complexity.
  3. If we believe the change is feasible and beneficial, we'll place it on our product roadmap and assign it a priority.
  4. We'll continue to monitor requests from other customers for this change, which may affect its priority.
  5. Product changes are tackled by priority, which is based on a number of factors. We'll eventually develop the change, integrate it with our service, and thoroughly test it to ensure the highest quality.
  6. Once this occurs, it'll be released to all customers.

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