About groups

Our groups feature allows you to create custom groups of residents to use in conjunction with other features on the website. For instance, you could create a "board members" group and use that to send blast emails just to board members. You could also create a "landscaping committee" group and use that to restrict a page to just people in that group.

Creating a group

You can create a group by visiting the groups section of the Admin Control Panel. To add a new group, click the white "Add new group" button near the top. All you need to do is give the group a name and click the blue "Add" button.

Adding residents to groups

At the top of the "Groups" section in the Admin Control Panel is a list of all residents. To add residents to a group, simply check each resident you'd like to add, then click the blue "Add X residents to group..." drop-down button and choose the group you'd like to add them to.

Communications Go To" setting

If a member of a group has both a primary account holder and spouse listed on their account, they will have a "Communications Go To" option. This allows you to choose to whom emails and text messages are sent. For example, a wife may be on the board while her husband is not; if their account is in a "Board Members" group and you only want communications delivered to the wife, you can modify the "Communications Go To" option.

For suggestions and best practices when applying groups, read our blog post, Teaming up with the "Groups" feature.

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