Why admins can't edit certain resident information

Administrators can edit some information on residents' accounts, like their addresses, but there's also some information our system does not allow administrators to edit. This includes a resident's primary email address, their spouse's email address, their password, and their names.

Why not emails and passwords?

We're big into security and want to protect both residents and admins from harm. A resident's email address and password are used for logging in across all websites powered by HOA Express that that resident has a registered account on. Allowing an admin to change this information would allow an unscrupulous admin to gain unauthorized access to an account. This account could be used to fraudulently access their own community website under the other resident's name or even access a different community's website should that account be registered on multiple community websites.

Therefore, by closing off the possibility of gaining unauthorized access, our system protects residents from harm. Secondly, administrators are protected from the liability of this being a possibility and from false claims of unauthorized access.

Why not names?

A resident's account can be used to register for multiple community websites, all of which share the same login credentials. This makes it especially convenient for residents with properties in several different neighborhoods, and for property managers with accounts on many websites. Stored on this shared account is the person's name. We do not allow administrators to update a resident's name for this reason, as a name change would affect every community website on which the resident has registered.

Furthermore, requiring names to be updated by the resident himself/herself ensures a higher level of privacy and security.

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