Adding photos to our Markdown editor

Our Markdown editor is a simplified writing experience that makes crafting formatted text a breeze and ensures text will look great on all devices. We utilize our Markdown editor when sending blast emails, creating news articles, and writing event notes, among other places. We've provided an example of what it looks like below:

While it's not meant for especially advanced formatting, it is possible to add photos to the text you're writing. To do this, you'll first need to upload the photos to a photo sharing website such as Imgur or These websites will provide you with a publicly accessible URL or Markdown code which is necessary for you to add your image. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to obtain the publicly accessible URL or Markdown code using these two websites.

1. Click "Upload Picture" as shown below. Then, browse and select the saved image from your computer. Once you've selected your image it will upload automatically.

2. After uploading your image, scroll towards the bottom of the site and copy the "Direct Link (URL)" as shown below.

3. Return to the Markdown editor on the page that you are adding your image to. 

4. Click the image icon and remove the "http://" text inside of the parenthesis.

5. Paste the direct link URL that you copied in step 2. Continue adding additional images and text to the Markdown editor. 

6. When ready, click "Publish", "Send", or "Save" (depending on the page or feature) and your image should now appear.


1. Upload your photo by browsing and selecting the saved image from your computer.

2. Once your photo has been uploaded, click the arrow found in the top right corner of your image.

3. Select "Get share links". 

4. Click the "Copy" button to copy the link found in the Markdown (Reddit) section.

5. Return to the Markdown editor of the page you're adding the image to. 

6. Add an exclamation point.

7. Paste the Markdown code you copied from the Imgur site.

8. Continue to enter additional images or text.

9. When finished, click "Publish", "Send", "Save", or "Create" (depending on the page or feature) and your image should now appear.

All done! That's all you need to do to add a photo to the Markdown editor. You can also use the preview icon (shown below) to make sure everything looks like you want it to.

Please note that it's critical that you use the correct syntax when adding a photo. As shown in the screenshot above, it's an exclamation point, an opening square bracket, some text, a closing square bracket, an opening parenthesis, your image's URL, and finally a closing parenthesis. Every character must be present in that order, with no spaces or additional characters.

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