How we keep data safe and secure

At HOA Express, security is a top concern. We've employed techniques that meet or exceed industry standards, including a number of techniques used for bank-level security. We'll summarize some of them below, by category.


We encrypt all traffic to our community websites with SSL encryption, an important measure that prevents some forms of stolen data. We go into detail about it in this help article about our use of SSL encryption.

Data encryption

Behind the scenes, in our data storage systems, we encrypt important personal data. This means that if it's ever intercepted or falls into the wrong hands, it will be useless without the means to decrypt it.

Data hashing

Data hashing is like encryption, except it is one-way. We use this primarily for passwords and certain API keys. That means that if hashed data falls into the wrong hands, it's impossible to convert back into its original form.

Login techniques

Our authentication system uses a variety of account protection techniques, including (but not limited to) account locking mechanisms, aggressive API key expiration, multiple brute-force countermeasures, and stolen account detection. These details are relatively technical, but you can be confident we do everything possible on our end to keep your account safe.

Content restriction settings

An important form of data security is controlling who can see content, and who cannot. Our interface gives administrators the ability to set detailed content restrictions. Limit pages and files to just residents, just homeowners, just board members, just a custom group of residents, just one or two residents, not one or two residents... you can see where this is going—the options are limitless. On top of that, we've built in considerable security measures to make sure that the chosen restrictions are enforced.

Privacy preferences

Residents can choose their own privacy preferences, allowing them to control what information other residents and visitors see on the website. For instance, they can hide information from the community directory if preferred. They can also choose what contact information is displayed if they're a board or committee member, and what information remains private.

Backing up data

This security measure doesn't have to do with protecting you from stolen data; rather, it protects your community from lost data. We back up all data (including residents, pages, files, and much, much more) on a regular basis throughout the day. Learn more by reading our help article about how we keep your data safe from loss or corruption.

So much more

This is just a small list of the ways we keep your data safe and secure at HOA Express. If you ever have or discover a security concern though, please immediately contact our support team and we'll quickly handle the matter.

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