Google Analytics tracking

We provide an easy-to-use and simplified visitor tracking feature for community websites on the deluxe plan, found in the "analytics" section of the Admin Control Panel. However, if you'd like a more detailed look into visitor tracking metrics, Google Analytics is a great free service to use. While we won't delve into how to start using their service (you'll need to consult their website/support documentation), we can explain how to begin tracking your community website's visitors.

To start, you'll need to acquire the Tracking ID for your website (for help, see Google's article). It'll look like "UA-1234567-1" when you find it. Once you have this ID handy, head over to the "Settings" section of the Admin Control Panel. You can place the ID into the input labeled "Google Analytics identifier" near the bottom of the page. Once you save the settings page, it can take up to 24 hours for Google to begin processing visitors for your website.

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