Board members page

The board members page type displays the board members in your community, along with their title and contact information. Here are some common questions related to the board members page:

How do I add board members?

Board members are not added, per se; rather, they are designated members from your list of registered residents. This means that you cannot manually add a board member and their contact information to the board members page. Instead, you'll need to add a new board member to the page by choosing someone from the list of registered residents. This will automatically pull that resident's contact information from their account and display it on the page. 

Here's a play-by-play of how to do this:

Why isn't a board member's contact information present?

The privacy settings in each resident's account control whether information like phone number and email address are displayed on the board members page. If they choose to hide this information, it will not be displayed on the board members page. Additionally, the board member may not have added their contact information to their account.

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