Getting started guide

This guide will help you understand the basics of how to begin using our interface to create an outstanding website for your community. If ever you have questions,  send us a message and we'll help out right away.

First visit

When you first visit your new website, you'll be guided through a setup wizard. This wizard is designed to walk you through the initial setup required for your website, and typically takes less than 15 minutes to finish.

Admin Control Panel

After completing the setup wizard, you'll be transferred to the Admin Control Panel. This is where much of the website's management occurs. The tools have been neatly organized into various sections, like "Pages," "Communications," and "Surveys."

Adding pages

The next best step at this point is to add pages and content to your website. To do this, first, click the "Pages" box on the Admin Control Panel dashboard.

The only page a new website begins with is the "Home" page. Add more by clicking the "Add new page" button. You'll be given the opportunity to name the page and choose its type. Each page has a designated "type," or in other words, a purpose it serves. There are many different types, including documents, calendar, and forum to name a few. Take some time now to add a few important pages to your website. You can always add more later and you certainly don't have to use every type!

Editing pages

Pages can be edited using the various blue buttons in the blue box near the top of each page. Different page types have different methods of editing, and some require more work than others. Take for example the documents page type (pictured below). Admins can upload new documents and manage the documents already uploaded by clicking the respective buttons. It's that simple!

Inviting residents

Now that you've added a few pages and your website is looking great, it's time to invite others to begin using the website. You can begin by inviting a few select residents (like board members), or by inviting all residents at once—your preference. To do so, first visit the "Residents" section of the Admin Control Panel (pictured below). Then, click the "Invite to join" button.

The invitation form (shown below) includes a pre-written message that's great for sending to residents. It includes your website URL, instructions on how to register, and your contact information. Feel free to tweak this message as you see fit. Then, add as many email addresses you'd like to send the invitation to, separated by commas.


We've worked hard to ensure our interface is as easy to use as possible. But we know that creating a brand new website for your community can be a daunting task. That's why we've backed our service with fantastic support that customers love. If you run into any questions or have any feedback, we'd love to help out. Just send us a quick message and we'll gladly provide assistance.

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