Transferring an existing domain

How to transfer your domain

It's highly recommended that communities with existing domains transfer their domain to our management because this is much more convenient and can prevent quite a bit of hassle for communities, especially when  administration  is passed down to future board members. For this reason, the majority of our customers choose to allow us to manage their domains.

If you retain management of your domain instead of transferring it, you'll be responsible for the setup of the domain, the maintenance on it, and the renewal fees.

How to transfer your domain

If you have not yet set up an existing domain with us, you'll have the opportunity to transfer your existing domain during the initial domain setup.   

To get started, click "Set one up now" and follow the prompts on your screen.

Note: If you purchased your domain from a domain provider less than 60 days ago, you will need to wait for this time period to end before initiating the transfer process.

If you've already added your domain, you can transfer your domain to us anytime by looking for the blue "Transfer to us" button in the domains section of the Admin Control Panel. Click this button to begin the transfer process.  Each step will be visible on your screen to walk you through the process from beginning to end.

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