Switching from PayPal to a new payment method

PayPal used to be our only supported payment method for paying for your subscription online. However, because PayPal does not allow us to provide our users with the best service possible, we no longer support PayPal as a payment method for new subscriptions. Existing PayPal subscriptions are encouraged to switch to paying via credit card or check. This can be done through the billing center in the Admin Control Panel.

Once you make the change, you'll want to also cancel your previous subscription to HOA Express on PayPal's website. This step will prevent future payments using the old billing method. If you need help with this, you can contact our customer support for assistance.

What's improved?

With our new online payment system, you can easily update your credit card information directly from your community website. There's no longer a need to maintain an additional account (aka a PayPal account). Further, we can alert you to payment problems with much greater accuracy. For instance, if the credit card on file with your account is set to expire before the next payment, we'll alert you. Finally, our support team can provide far better assistance with billing questions because this new system provides a more detailed look at your complete billing situation.

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