Payments by check


Is paying by check easier for your community? Great! Many of our customers already pay by mailing in a check. It's easy to choose this option when subscribing to the deluxe plan. All you'll need to do is specify the billing contact (aka the person we'll email invoices to). You can update this billing contact at any point in the future.

How it works

If your community has chosen to pay via checks, here's how it works:

  1. We remind administrators to verify the billing contact accuracy shortly before we send the next invoice.
  2. About a month in advance, we email the billing contact an invoice.
  3. If we haven't received the check about one week before the due date, we email the invoice to the billing contact a second time.
  4. When we receive the check by the due date, we process it update your account.
  5. If we happen to not receive the check by the due date, we notify administrators and help resolve any problems.

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