What domains are eligible for email accounts?

Most websites on the deluxe plan have at least one domain eligible for email accounts. That means it can have custom email accounts @yourdomain.com. However, some websites on the deluxe plan never set up a domain through our service and are still using the temporary website address that looks like yourcommunity.hoa-express.com. Temporary addresses cannot have custom email accounts, so they do not qualify as eligible domains.

It's possible that a custom domain that your community owns is configured in such a way that it's simply masking the temporary address. In other words, when you type in yourdomain.com, it takes you to your community website, but this domain hasn't actually been fully set up through our service. There are two ways this may be happening- through "iframe masking" or through simple redirection. This type of configuration also does not qualify as an eligible domain. If your community domain is set up in this manner, please contact our support team for assistance setting it up the correct way.

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