About groups

Our groups feature allows you to create custom groups of residents to use in conjunction with other features on the website. For instance, you could create a "board members" group and use that to send blast emails just to board members. You could also create a "landscaping committee" group and use that to restrict a page to just people in that group.

Creating a group

You can create a group by visiting the groups section of the Admin Control Panel. To add a new group, click the white "Add new group" button near the top. All you need to do is give the group a name and click the blue "Add" button.

Adding residents to groups

At the top of the "Groups" section in the Admin Control Panel is a list of all residents. To add residents to a group, simply check each resident you'd like to add, then click the blue "Add X residents to group..." drop-down button and choose the group you'd like to add them to.

Communications Go To" setting

If a member of a group has both a primary account holder and spouse listed on their account, they will have a "Communications Go To" option. This allows you to choose to whom emails and text messages are sent. For example, a wife may be on the board while her husband is not; if their account is in a "Board Members" group and you only want communications delivered to the wife, you can modify the "Communications Go To" option.

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