Adding photos to our Markdown editor

Our Markdown editor is a simplified writing experience that makes crafting formatted text a breeze and ensures text will look great on all devices. We utilize our Markdown editor when sending blast emails, when creating news articles, and when writing event notes, among other places, and it looks like the picture below.

While it's not meant for especially advanced formatting, it is possible to add photos to the text you're writing. You'll first need to upload the photos somewhere, then you can add the image URL to the text. Here's the exact steps you'll need to follow:

1. Upload the photo to Imgur

2. Copy the image's Markdown code

3. Add an exclamation point

4. Then paste the code you copied from Imgur into the editor

It's critical that you use the correct syntax when adding a photo. As shown in the screenshot above, it's an exclamation point, an opening square bracket, some text, a closing square bracket, an opening parenthesis, your image's URL, and finally a closing parenthesis. Every character must be present in that order, with no spaces or additional characters.

All done!

That's all you need to do to add a photo to the Markdown editor. You can use the preview icon to make sure it worked (the eye icon).

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