Hiding restricted pages in the menu


This setting allows you to hide any pages in the menu that a visitor or logged in resident is unable to view due to insufficient privileges. So for instance, let's say your website has a page only visible to board members and you'd like this page to not be listed in the menu for normal residents. If this is the case, then this setting is for you. It can be enabled in the "Settings" section of the Admin Control Panel.

Although this setting can help reduce confusion by preventing visitors from trying to view pages they cannot access, it can also discourage residents from registering for accounts because they will not initially see any restricted pages that necessitate registering.


Still not clear? That's alright, we'll demonstrate with images. Let's assume that John, who is not a board member, is viewing your website but is not logged in. Without this setting enabled, he might see a menu like this:

Because he is not logged in, he will not be able to access the two restricted pages, but they are still displayed in the menu. If the option is enabled, however, the menu would only look like this:

After logging in, if John is not a board member and this setting is enabled, his menu would look like:

Since he's logged in, he can now see the residents only page in the menu. But since he's not a board member, the board members only page will still not appear.

Folders note

If a folder contains entirely pages that cannot be viewed by the particular resident, and this setting is enabled, the folder will be hidden as well. In other words, an empty folder will not appear in the menu.

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